Integrated Systems










Total integrated systems from FSC give you an unprecedented level of control and security.


Following are examples of organizations in which a fully complete security management system such as ours can play an integral role in ensuring security and safety.

Ministries of Defense/Military Facilities

With today’s governments looking to the future for security solutions to help stem the tide of the never ending assault on their systems, we provide industry-leading technology that exceeds all their expectations as well as their needs. We not only provide secure biometric and smart card credential identification and authentication, but monitoring and surveillance capabilities as well. In addition, FSC also offers Mobile technology that allows a remote guard complete mobile access to the electronic authentication and monitoring technology that is installed on the base.

Police Authorities

With the continual security threats on our judicial system, criminal environments require, what is the one thing they require? Absolute access control protection from physical damage and stolen credentials. All of this can be provided with one simple solution – an FSC access control system. We offer a biometric verification method that helps minimize the threat of secured area manipulation. Wireless Digital Video can be monitored safely from a secure area, thus allowing quick response to any given threats, without the concern of the system becoming compromised.

Ports and Harbors

Ports and harbors worldwide are becoming more of a security concern as they receive people and products from all over the world. Because of the sensitivity of these gateways, even the most insignificant seeming incursions can potentially cause major chaos. Our security solutions help with all avenues of access control and verification. We can help you track and identify anything from cargo and vehicles to personnel. Port and Harbor security may also require that video is made available to wirelessly to patrol officers, so they can react to alarms and plot a strategy to best respond to the situation.

Municipal Buildings Landmarks and Federal Government

Tourist attractions and popular areas can generate the wrong type of interest along with the ever-growing threat the Federal Government faces daily. These high traffic environments can create a serious security challenge. At FSC, we have industry proven state of the art solutions that are geared towards stopping these threats that put innocent people and property at risk.