Press Release: Convergint Technologies Addition of FSC

Press Release

From the Release:

Convergint Technologies Continues its Canadian Expansion with the Addition of FSC


Convergint Technologies announced today its further expansion into Eastern Canada with the addition of FSC.  Founded in 1982 by its current CEO Sam Shalaby, FSC is a leading provider of physical security systems and services throughout Eastern Canada.  Convergint Technologies and FSC will integrate their two businesses located in Toronto and Ottawa, resulting in one of the strongest physical security solution and service providers in Eastern Canada.


“We continue to evolve our capabilities to service customers on a worldwide basis, and the addition of FSC’s thirty-eight colleagues strengthens our position in Eastern Canada,” said Dan Moceri, CEO of Convergint Technologies.  According to Moceri “FSC and Convergint also share similar company cultures which makes the integration of our two organizations a natural fit”.


“Convergint and FSC have partnered together over the past several years supporting each other’s delivery of services across Canada” according to Sam Shalaby.  FSC also has a strong federal government customer base, and ULC listed certified monitoring center that complements Convergint’s long-term grown strategies.


About Convergint Technologies—Convergint Technologies is an industry-leading organization that designs, installs and services integrated building systems including electronic security, fire alarm and life safety, and building automation solutions.  To learn more about Convergint visit

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